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IB Technology was formed in 1998 as a software and electronic design consultancy and successfully grew to become Eccel Technology Ltd (trading as IB Technology), becoming experts in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and designing and manufacturing a wide range of RFID Readers and custom tags for both standard applications and bespoke projects.

Driven by innovation and real-world engineering, the products broke new barriers in terms of low-cost, features and physical size. The simplicity of use, robust design and level of datasheet and application note support resulted in these products being supplied in volume to customers around the world from small niche companies to large OEMs in many varied applications and markets.

The relationships developed with key semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers allowed market trends to be tracked and the latest sustainable technology used to ensure future-proof products.

The use of the IB Technology products, in many cases, was only limited by imagination….

Having successfully sold the Eccel Technology business, IDE CONCEPTS (new trading name of IB Technology Ltd) continues to promote, develop and supply innovative technology solutions, from niche software and electronics to cool engineering products, often overlooked by the world of mass marketing.

IDE-CONCEPTS draws on a wealth of real-world Mechanical, Electronic and Software design experience and industry partners to bring passion and new ideas to the design, development and supply of innovative products.